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Relax with ceramic painting

In my bright studio on the Hardgate Aberdeen, I have my tables all set up for creating some amazing art! One of the favourite most popular art activities is ceramic painting. First task is to pick what you want to paint. I have a wide selection of ceramic blanks called bisque so you can choose from mugs, plates, bowls, vases, jugs, spoon rests, teapots, ornaments, tea light holders, and much more...

I often have themed ceramics in my collection - princesses and unicorns, tea party items like cupcakes, tea cups, and cake stands, super heros and monsters, or mug madness when i order all the different mugs I can!

I can order special ceramics by request (subject to availability) so you could have a theme for your event or party.

There are a huge range of seasonal ceramics available to order as well- Halloween, Easter, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving.

At Christmas time the studio has some beautiful items for painting - from hanging decorations to large standing Christmas trees complete with lights and plug to turn it into a lamp!

Ceramic painting is very easy. All the ceramic paints i have in the studio are non toxic, non staining and brush off clothes. I have samples of painted ceramics for you to look at, colour plates for you to choose your paints, and even design books for you to browse.

Once you have selected your piece of bisque you can spend a relaxing time painting. After painting your items, I will take them to the processing part of the studio to dry so they can be glazed, then fired in one of my kilns. The processing part will be a few days as the kiln takes about 24 hours! When your bits are ready they can be collected from the studio

You dont need to bring anything as all materials are provided, and aprons are available.

You will be given lots of help while you paint, so just enjoy

Mel xx

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