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Getting Back To Normal?

As we see the country starting to return to some kind of 'normal', it has been a little bit harder to get through all the restrictions and be able to open back to regular day to day running of the studio.

The main point to remember is that even other 'close contact' businesses do not have the same level of requirements as a creative studio. Customers need access to all the resources in the studio to be able to create their art.

The list of items that have to be cleaned and cycled (rested while being sterilised) is long.

paint brushes, paint brush container, water basin, sponges, tiles, palettes, colour plates, pens, pencils, books, paint bottles, paint bottle storage basket and so on.

This doesn't include the tables, seats, door handles and everything else that might be touched.

So when Ceramika does reopen I will be asking everyone for the time being to wear your mask, sanitise on arrival with the sanitiser provided, please be patient with restrictions that are in place for your safety and above all, PLEASE do not attend a booking if you are feeling unwell or have been with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid or if you have been asked to self isolate.

What about people who are fully vaccinated? You will be asked to follow the same steps as everyone else who uses the studio of you and everyone else.

I have customers that have poor health or in some cases, are immunosuppressed due to ongoing medical treatments, so please lets all be patient with each other and work together to stay safe and well.

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