Painted prints

We have a wide range of ceramics and we can print hands and feet on just about any surface. Come along to the studio, and we will give you all the help you need!


We are experts at getting children to stick their hands on stuff!

Mugs start from £10.00

Coasters from £5.50

Larger Plates from £15

Heart plate from £7.50

Decorations from £7.50

Large shaped plates from £18.00

Heart shaped plates, Christmas items, vases, photo frames, bowls and tiles!

We have a vast stock of items that you can pick for prints. We can add any writing as required for no additional charge*.

Please note, all ceramics are subject to availabilty at the time of your visit. If you require a specific item we can order it in advance for you. 

*Please note that while we do not currently charge a writing fee, large amounts of writing for example signiture plates and poems etc. will incure an increase in studio fee.