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We offer a huge range of choices for your precious memories. Clay impressions are a beautiful way to keep your child's hand or footprints forever. Taking a casting of a tiny hand or foot is also a stunning memory to treasure. Painted prints make beautiful and colourful gifts. Click on the links below for more information

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Hand Print Plate
Make your prints into a stunning keepsake.
Cherished Moments
A beautiful heart plate makes a wonderful gift
Coaster sets
Coasters are simple to make and can be lovely gifts for the whole family
Handprint on a mug
A lovely gift to be used every day
Clay Impressions
With a huge range of colours and styles available, you can totally personalise your prints
Tinted Prints
Tinted background is just on of the options
Detailed Print
How much information you have on your print is up to you
Choose the size
Choose the size and shape of your plaque from larger to tight cut like this one
Family Plaque
Why not have prints of the whole family. You can have the children inside the adult hands or have them separate.
Single Prints
You can also have single prints. these make lovely gifts for family and friends
Pet Prints
We don't forget about the other members of the family ... Bring your pets along and we can make a set of prints for them too!
Bright & Colourful
Hands and feet! Why not do them both. We have ideas and options for almost every occasion. Just let your imagination go!
Christmas Decorations
We can turn your child's hand print into a reindeer to make a delightful Christmas decoration
Casting hands and feet
These make stunning keepsakes of your babies tiny hands or feet. After painting they retain all the delicate details.
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