Clay Impressions

At Ceramika we have 13 years experience taking and creating totaly personalised prints.  We have a huge range of styles and colours for you to choose from. Pick the shape, colour, tint and hanging to suit any room and any decoration. We can also match previous prints you have so you can add to your set for your growing family.


Framing is also available, just ask for more details.

Call the studio to book your appointment and we will take care of everything for you

Double Print

- Hand and foot

- or two hands

- or two feet

 - from £35.00

Single Print 

Hand or foot single print 



from £20.00

Triple Print

Three prints on one plaque. Ideal for brothers and sisters or even children and pets!

from £45.00

Family Prints

One for the whole family with room for everyone

from £65.00