Casting at Ceramika

At Ceramika we use a fast acting alginate that takes under 2 mins to set!

Casts can be coloured in a wide variety of colours and can be mounted

on a plinth or they can also be framed!

Single hand or single foot

under 6 months from £15.00

Single hand or single foot 

6 months to 5 years from £25.00

Double - hand & foot

under 6 months from £30.00 

Framed from £65.00

2 Adult hands clasped on a plinth

from £120.00

For other combinations please get in touch for a personal quote.

0755 222 7820



We can also travel to you!

Call and ask about having a home or hospital visit for casting.

Professional, calm and respectful service.

Casting of other bits available too.... 

Just call the studio or contact us for more information